Migration Program for the last two Financial years – GSM Outcomes

The Total migration programme Outcome for 2015-16 was 190,000 places. The major source countries in the migration programme were india, China and the United Kingdom.

Within the overall programme the breakdown by programme stream was:
128,550 places delivered in the Skill stream.
57,400 places delivered in the Family stream and
565 places delivered in the Special Eligibility Stream

In the year 2014-15, The General Skilled Migration(GSM) has an outcome of 72,840 places.
GSM Compromised 57.0 percent of the skill stream outcomes in 2014-15.

Within GSM, 82.6 percent (29,192 places) of primary applicants had an occupation on the skilled Occupation List (SOL)
The State-Specific and Regional Migration (SSRM) had an outcome of 42,183 places (33.0 percent of the total skilled stream outcomes)