IELTS Testing anomalies!

It is my opinion that there is a definite anomaly in the English testing for the Expression of Interest (EOI) General Skilled Migration Visa. I ask the question why is it required at all for people from the recognized English speaking countries. New Zealand, U.K. ,Ireland, USA and Canada. Especially as they are not required to complete one for the 457 Visa or indeed the 186/187 Visa.

I Understand if English is not your first language then of course you should have to complete an English test if you want to immigrate to Australia, but if you have been born and raised and completed your education in one of the recognized “English Speaking” countries you should not be required to do an English test at all.

Applicants have to reach a minimum of 60 points to be able to apply for an Expression of Interest ( EOI ) through Skills Select but don’t get any points for their language if they come from one of the English speaking countries. I believe this is fundamentally wrong and they should be awarded 10 points automatically if they come from one of these countries and if they want to achieve higher points then they complete an (IELTS) English Test.

It makes sense to me! Maybe that’s the problem!